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With the support of leading manufacturers of raw materials and experienced car refinishers, we develop state of the art materials, that will enable you to work one step ahead of the others. All of the materials, putties - bodyfillers, primers - surfacers, clear coats, thinners and other products are the result of our own development and production.

The efficiency of production is achieved by constant investment in the latest technology. Advanced manufacturing processes are the foundation of our products. This enables us to control and adjust all stages of the production process.

The best raw materials, input testing, precise manufacturing processes as well as testing of every series produced, both in the lab as well as in real conditions, are the guarantee for high reliability of our products.

Our own production guarantees efficiency and flexibility according to the needs of our customers. We are proud that we can create  unique products at home. Our development and production facilities as well as training center remain here, in Slovenia.

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To all our distributors Silco guarantees longterm partnership agreement, pre-defined customer protection, technical and commercial training, localized technical documentation.

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